You have 0 bitcoin.

You mine 0.00000000 btc per second.

You can mine for bitcoin by hand, if you want.

This is generally considered a bad idea. You'll get 0.00000001 bitcoin per click.

Hey, maybe you should get some statistics about how much things cost.

doge me, baby!

bitcoin is serious business.

Version made by zck

Satoshi has been kidnapped!

Some guys took Satoshi. Maybe it's some Wall Street bankers, maybe it's the PayPal mafia. But my money's on Paul Krugman.

Whoever they are, they want 1.00000000 btc for Satoshi's ransom. And their demand is increasing every second.

( 1.00000000 btc )

You won! Yay!

Hand-Mining Upgrades

Basic Math

Figure out a way so that you don't have to calculate as much to mine a block. While this would normally be a PhD thesis in computer security, or at least a promotion at the NSA, but you're using it to save a dude you've never met. Good on you.

( pants btc )


This is an ancient calculating device. Unfortunately, you don't actually know how it works, so it won't help you mine any faster.

( btc )


Get a calculator. You can write 5318008 on it, and it has Drug Wars. I guess it'll also double your mining speed.

( btc )

cpu mining

Whoa, you can mine bitcoin on computers now?

Harvard Mark I

This was a really early computer that you stole from Harvard. Not cool, buddy. It's slow, but it sure beats doing the math in your head. Each one mines bitcoin per second.

( btc seconds )

You have 0 installations of Mark I. You must have a lot of room.

gpu mining

So it turns out that you can mine a lot better on your GPU than you can on your CPU. You don't understand the details, but it's something about video games being isomorphic to fiscal policy.

IBM Color Graphics Adapter

This was IBM's first graphics card. It was powerful enough to push sixteen colors over one hundred thousand pixels. That translates to btc per second. This was more impressive in 1981, especially because bitcoin wasn't even created for almost thirty years.

( btc seconds )

You have 0 cards.

asic mining

Figure out whatever it was that took forever to be delivered, then sell it for cheap, but with a 1% chance of being delivered per second.