2023-05-16 — I find Emacs's search to be pretty great. Let's hunt down some ways to make it better. seek.

2023-05-14 — Use nix development shells to install development resources with a single command.

2023-05-06 — Change some images. Change them with magick.

2023-01-29 — I've added some art inspired by the works of Thomas W. Benton

2022-08-02 — Isn't it "bad" to delete files? No. Not at all. Delete everything.

2022-06-28 — In life, moving your body is good for your health. I can't help you with that. But I can help you move files in Emacs.

2022-06-02 — Remember when we tested buffer-modifying Emacs code? Let's do it again, but better.

2022-04-15 — Learn nothing from Emacs's history, and change Emacs's default behaviors.

2022-04-07 — Have Emacs questions? Ask Emacs!

2021-09-30 — Check out my art. I've posted two works.

2021-08-05 — You may have heard advice not to use magic numbers. Well, don't use magic strings either.

2021-07-21 — Don't like Emacs's customize? Then get rid of its changes.

2021-06-07 — TIL: Firefox 89 on macOS has different right-click interactions with the keyboard. Let's fix it.

2021-05-28 — Don't make art alone. Instead, share your art, with easy Quil screenshots!

2021-05-21 — I presented Making Music! In Emacs?! at !!Con 2021. Even though there is music involved in both, don't confuse my talk with BANGBANGCON 21!

2021-05-19 — What's your vector, Victor? Use vectors in your generative art.

2020-11-29 — I presented WAVEing at Repetitive Repetitive Repetitive Music at EmacsConf 2020.

2020-05-04 — There are ways to reduce the amount of bugs in your code. The best way is to make your code someone else's code.

2018-02-04 — I went to the 2018 NYC Women's March, and talked to two gentlemen wearing Make America Great Again hats. I wrote them an open letter.

2017-10-02Testing buffer-modifying Emacs code. Because testing code is better than not testing code. Or head injuries, but this code doesn't help with head injuries.

2017-09-14zpresent, an Emacs presentation mode.

2016-12-05Move an file in Emacs.

2016-09-11 — Presenting an easy way to repeat emacs functions.

2014-11-24 — Now live – a very beta version of bitcoin clicker written in Clojurescript.

2014-08-26 — I presented an RPN calculator at Hack and Tell.

2014-06-24 — Two ways of checking for balanced delimiters in a string.

2014-06-02 — I presented at Emacs NYC. My presentation is titled Writing Games in Emacs. Download my code for tictactoe, or watch the presentation.

2012-08-19 — Well, this is up. Also this.