!!Con 2021: Making Music! In Emacs?!

May 2021

I presented Making Music! In Emacs!? at !!Con 2021.

If you enjoyed this talk, you might appreciate EmacsNYC, a meetup I co-organize.


During quarantine, I found myself spending time with an Android app. One of the features this app has is composing looping music. As with many programs, I wondered how much better this feature would be, if only it was inside Emacs.

This talk explains how I made zmusic, my implementation inside Emacs, with detours through Emacs text properties, font rendering, the WAVE file format, and music theory. And hopefully at the end, we’ll have something worth listening to.

Code & Presentation

The presentation can be viewed online, and the source can be found at https://hg.sr.ht/~zck/zmusic/.

I gave this presentation in zpresent, a presentation framework I wrote. The presentation source is available.

WAVE References

  1. http://soundfile.sapp.org/doc/WaveFormat/
  2. http://www.lightlink.com/tjweber/StripWav/WAVE.html
  3. http://www.topherlee.com/software/pcm-tut-wavformat.html

It was an honor to present as part of !!Con. Thanks to the organizers, presenters, and attendees!